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A whole new car buying & selling experience like a breath of fresh air

Earls Autos is a brand new car dealing business based in Peterborough, run by Jordan Earl, a motoring enthusiast. Jordan started Earls Autos in December 2018 after working alongside different tradesman within the car industry gaining experience and knowledge, and has been a keen family interest for over the last 30 years. Earls Autos comes to you with a new dealer experience through personalising every part of the process to each individual customer, ensuring every person benefits and achieves the best possible outcome!

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Our services

As a specialist in the motor industry with many years of experience and knowledge, we can appraise your vehicle and offer competitive prices. We can also sell your car on your behalf where we will actively promote your car on our website and social media profiles, arrange viewings, handle all the paperwork for you and ensure you get the absolute best possible outcome. Please give us any information about scratches, dents, rust, re-sprays, cracks and their position on the vehicle when filling in the form.

Our cars are privately sourced where we understand the history and are able to test drive the vehicle ensuring it is of good value. If we do not have a car in our inventory that you are looking for then we can help source the right car for you. We can help find you your next car with your ideal budget in mind dealing with all the hassle from doing it yourself, saving you time.

We can provide the following services:

  • Fabric Burn Repair
    Cigarette burns are unsightly and can affect the value and visual image of a car. We can repair this using colour matching fibres leaving the burn unnoticable.
  • Headlight Restoration
    Are your headlights cloudy and tired looking? With a headlight restoration service your headlights are restored to a clean glossy finish clear from any clouding. This also improves the amount of light output you will get.
  • Windscreen Chip Repair
    Windscreen chips can crack if unattended, causing the need for a whole new screen. Get in touch to get them fixed before its too late
  • Detailing
    A deeper look into the paintwork/interior of your vehicle. Enhancement, correction, scratch removal, stain removal and much more
  • Valeting
    A safe clean wash for your car, all products used are professional and are not acidic therefore your wax will remain intact. Perfect for a regular maintenance wash.
  • Caliper Painting
    Calipers are prepped and painted in a colour of your choice
  • Other Painting
    Please get in touch for prices on a variety of other parts, such as wing mirrors, grilles, spoilers, motorbikes etc.
  • Wheel Refurbishment
    Any damage removed from the wheel before being primed, painted and lacquered in a colour and finish of your choice
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